Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happens to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and social environments. It will stimulate the mentality of individual to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual. This article attempts to explain this peculiar phenomenon from the perspective of science.


MIRI MANIFESTO 美里宣言                                                                            16-9-2012

Base on the Pan Maturing Process, we know a manipulating system has long existed in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia and we strongly believe it exists on other localities of human societies.

泛成長過程来看 我们知道在马来西亚,砂拉越的美里,有一个操纵系统早已存在很久,我们坚信这操纵系统也存在于其他有人类社会的地方。

The manipulating process is regardless of ages, genders and family relationships, and is cruel in mental torturing to the extent of people choosing suicide to end this torturing or succumb to mental crack down into mental wards, which is indiscriminately and illegally applying to the ordinary people of Miri:- The Mirians.

操纵过程是不分年龄,性别和家庭关系的,是残酷的心理折磨,有者甚至操纵选择自杀来结束这种折磨或屈服于心理的打击最后进入精神病,而这操纵系统是不分青红皂白地和非法的滥用于普通的美里人:-  The Mirians.

Ordinary Mirians are being unconsciously manipulated or brainwashed and engineered into different categories and classes of people. 


Notably, spy agents, information collectors, pseudo spies and exploit unconscious Mirians to act as coverage as well as human shields as camouflage for these spy agencies to do their secretive duties. 


Miri case:


Why Miri? Place produces Petroleum, strategically to war and “blood” for war machines.


History of Miri spying wars, 


a) World War 2, Japanese occupation.


b) Communist insurgency. 


c) Cool war.  


d) 1980 – till now

d1980 - 至今

Among the spy compartments in Miri, the cruel and strongest compartment is SUPP;


Never one time fight for Sarawakians and Malaysians rights and to the minor scale even local natives’ right and Chinese right.



a)  Formed in 1959, in order to attract left winged ideologists to express their views, and to absorb potential communists. It is from there the manipulating technique is used to systematically exhaust the communist’s resources and gradually manipulated these left wing ideologists became Sarawak loyalists.


b)  A good chance to represent Sarawakians right by forming Joint State Government with SNAP yet did not do so. 


c)  Join BN to ignore the left wings ideologists’ rights.


d)  Annexed Sarawak Chinese Association, and destroy the Chinese rights, no longer has ethnic Chinese political party in Sarawak as if MCA in Peninsular Malaysia.


e) Playing the manipulating strategy to destroy the young SAPO leaders, halted the young generation from western educated Sarawakian loyalists who had gained the momentum to unite Sarawakian rights.


f)  Yet, they claimed themselves to represent Sarawakians and to exploit the manipulating system to stop Federal influence in Sarawak State, where did their guts come from? In technical terms they can over match Federal Authority like Special Branch and Home Affair. Technology so advanced that it is impossible for it to be originated from an island like Borneo and a small town in it like Miri with population of merely 300 thousand.


Despite voices of opposing the above acts from SUPP members, all the crucial decisions at these historical moments; the above events had been made, and these events were aiming for no benefits for Sarawakians and Malaysians rights and to the extent even local natives’ right and Chinese right are not being considered.


Instead, SUPP represents a compartment that is manipulated and controlled by foreign spy agents who wish to keep Federation of Malaysia intact yet maintained a rival situation between Sarawak and Federal Government, so that in any circumstance these foreign agents are able to utilize this rather delicate situation to control their interest in Sarawak, especially the strategically Petroleum in Miri, as well as occasionally in International issues which require Malaysia Federal Government listens to them.


In order to maintain such strength in controlling, SUPP has gone beyond and ignored the Mirians’, Sarawakians’ and Malaysians’ human rights, to the extent they manipulate Mirians, Sarawakians and Malaysians by destroying families through adultery, insulting, defaming, mind controlling through medical techniques, mental cracking till warding and even utilizing 4-6 year old children for their experiments in these advance technologies of neurology and Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weaponry.

为了保持这种强度的控制,SUPP已经超越和忽略了美里人,砂拉越人和马来西亚人的人权,他们通过奸淫,侮辱,诽谤,精神控制医疗技术,操纵精神分裂至住入精神病技倆来操纵及破坏美里人,砂拉越人和马来西亚人的家庭,甚至利用4 6岁的儿童来实验这些先进的神经病学技术和非致命武器生物效应的技术。

Thanks and gratitude to the efforts from all races in Miri, Sarawak and Malaysia, and people from friendly Nations throughout the world, who are making this manifesto possible.


If it happens in Miri, we believe it happens anywhere around the globe, as long as it strategically benefits the machine for war in our mother earth.


Now, we express this manifesto and declaration to strengthen our human right that we have:


1) The right to know who are manipulating us.


2)  The right to know why this manipulation exists.


3)   The right to know how they do the manipulations.


4)   And we demand in UN Human Right Declaration add in these articles:

4) 更我们要求在联合国人权宣言中添加这些

i)  To prohibit ordinary people being unconsciously manipulated, brainwashed and engineered into different categories and different classes of people, to stop the manipulation which only benefit to the manipulating compartments; whether they are local social group compartments, national government bodies or foreign bodies. 

i)  禁止普通的人被不自觉地操纵,洗脑,进而改造成不同类别和不同阶层的民,停止只有利于分割组合的操纵系统,无论他们是当地的社会团体分割组合,国家政府机构分割组合或外国分割组合。

ii)  To prohibit unconscious manipulating, brain wash and secret recruitment of ordinary people through the high technologies of neurology and Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weaponry, of which these technologies are used to manipulate ordinary people into the spy agents, information collectors, pseudo spies, terrorists and exploit unconscious ordinary people to act as coverage and human shields as camouflage for these spy agencies or terrorists to do their secretive duties.


Introduction 導言

Beside the physical maturity of human being, there is another peculiar maturity, this maturity is more on the mentality and process for this maturing is consider as painful and intolerable and this project is intended to reveal this process. Pan-Maturing Process may be a universal peculiar process that happened to human being at different age groups, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations as well as social environments (the word “Pan” being used is exactly expressing the wide scope of the process). This process will stimulate the mentality of individual human being to a higher level of mentality maturing. Maturing in the sense that individual will fully synchronize to the environment and believe the cause of this synchronization is due to spiritual or religious force. During the onset of the process, the surrounding people as well as the environment interact as if they are in a system of perfect synchronization.
人類除了本身身體機能的自然成長外,還有另外一個獨特的自然成長現象,這個獨特的自然成長現像是著重於心理的成長,然而這成長現像是極其痛苦和難以容忍的。這一篇論述志在揭示這一奇特的成長進程。在這成長過程中,個人的精神心理素質將被刺激朝向更高層次的成熟。所謂成熟的意思是; 在這高層次的成熟後, 個人將完全能和自然環境同步的溝通,並認為造成這種同步的溝通是由於鬼神的作祟或宗教的力量。當這成長過程啟動時,周圍的人以及環境都會相互共鳴,形成一個完美的同步體系。
The sequences of this synchronization process experienced by the individual under going the process are reckoned as real. People who have experienced the Pan-Maturing Process will percept the onset of interaction that the under-process individual experienced yet they tend to deny the process.
當一個人經歷這個奇特的成長進程時,他會把這進程中所經歷那些不可思議的事件看作為不可忽視的事實。那些在之前已經擁有經驗的人也能感應到及能和這一個剛剛體會這奇特成長進程的人一起互動, 然而他們往往卻對這新手加以否認有這麼一個奇特的成長過程。
The sequences of this process and continuation of this self authenticate perception on interaction of the synchronization will result in the individual feeling being controlled and eventually result in a change of individual’s perception or vision in their lives. This will finally develop into a much more fixed patterns of synchronization with the environment with the belief in the spiritual and religious faith and endlessly or occasionally (according to the patterns) use the skills he learnt from this synchronized process to search the guardian from the divine.
當一個人持續經歷這一序列奇特的成長進程時,他將因為不停的受到周邊一切事件都在同一時間內相互相應的干擾,開始自我感覺到被受控制最終導致改變其個人的人生觀。當他持續的自我和周邊一切事件同時相互相應後, 他將自我發展出一套固定且能和周邊一切事件同位相應的反應, 並相信這是由於鬼神的作怪或宗教的力量所造成的。更他會不停的或偶而利用他在這奇特的成長進程中所學會的同位相應之技巧來追求神靈的保佑。
The relation of Pan-Maturing Process and the clinical mental disorder have been indicated in the video clip:
泛成長過程和臨床精神障礙的關係將顯示在以下的視頻剪輯: Video

Is this a familiar scenario to you? 这是一个您熟悉的情景吗?

Three persons A, B and C are in an office. A and B are going to reach a final agreement to be joint venture partners in a business venture, whereas C is a lawyer taking care of the documentation for the joint venture.
三個人A君, B君和C君同在一個辦公室。 A君和B君將達成合資最後的協議,而C君是一名律師負責照料合資企業的文件。
The following conversation is heard:
以下是他們的談話:A: “I have decided to be your joint venture partner.”
A君向B君說: “我已決定成為您的合資夥伴。”
B: “Oh! I am glad to hear it!”
B君: “噢!我很高興聽到它! ”
A: “However, I would like the joint venture agreement arrange…..”
A君: “不過,我想合資公司的協議應該這樣安排.....”
(While A is talking to B with this sentence, A rubs his nose with an awful palm, his fingers apparently curl inward. A being aware of his own behavior, a thought flash into A’s mind: why onset of this behavior? Is there anything wrong with my speech? A then thinks maybe lets ignore it first, and A continues the conversation as if everything is normal.)
(當A君向B君說這句話的時候,A君用他奇異的手去擦鼻子,他的手指顯然捲曲向內。A君意識到自己的奇特的行為,一道念頭在A君的頭腦閃過:為什麼會出現這種現象嗎?有什麼話我講錯了嗎?A君心裡又想到;先別去理這現象,和B君繼續講話,好像一切都很正常。 )
(B notes the awful act of A with a barely noticed smile and thought A must be up to something which may not be fair or virtue and have something hidden from B. B keeps silent and regards the awful act as normal.)
(B君注意到A君怪異的行為並微微一笑,B君心裡想到A君一定有一些不公平或不道德的事情在隱瞞他,B君保持沉默並認為這怪異的行為是正常的現象。 )
(C noted the awful act and keeps silent and ignores it.)
(C君注意到A君怪異的行為,他也保持沉默並不理會它。 )
B then answers,
B: “well, I think rather than arrange like what you said, I suggest…..”
B君: “嗯,我想以其像你所說的那樣安排,我建議.....”
(Now, instead of A, B’s fingers also curl inward and B feels his nose itchy, B with a glance of puzzling, thinks why me too? Am I violating anything or what I want to do is not virtue? Finally B can not bear the itch and rubs the nose with the same awful act like A! B again like A ignores own awful behavior and goes on with the discussion.)
(現在,不是A君而是B君的手指也捲曲更B君也覺得他自己的鼻子正在發癢,B君看了A君一眼有點不解,心想:為什麼是我呢?我違反了什麼,或我所想要做的事是不是不道德?最後B君無法忍受鼻子的發癢,進而像A君一樣用怪異的手去擦鼻子!B君也無視自己怪異的行為並繼續進行討論。 )
(A notes the awful act of B again with a barely noticed smile. In A’s mind: ha, this fellow has intended to take advantage.)
(A君注意到B君怪異的行徑更露出一絲幾乎不易發覺的微笑。A君在心裡想:哈,這傢伙打算佔我便宜。 )
(Again C notices the awful act of B and remains calm and silent as if nothing happened.)
We have an interesting scenario; apparently all three persons clearly see each other behaviors, in which A and B have the awful acts of curl finger, and C behaves as if nothing happened. Nobody seems to be surprised of the scenario and keeps silent as if an understanding of this scenario has long been established among the three of them.
現在我們有一個有趣的情景; 三人顯然都清楚地看到對方的行為,其中有A君和B君的捲曲手指和怪異的行為,更C君的行為對任何怪異的行為彷彿都沒有驚訝。似乎沒有人感到這情況有什麼不對或驚訝並保持沉默,就好像三人之間都已經老早知道並互相了解到有這樣的情景。
The awful act of curling fingers for A and B apparently look like the behavior of a mental break down patient or at least a person suffering some sorts of neuron break down disease. Both seem to be lack of control of their own palm and fingers, but both of them seem to have no panic for this lack of control “sickness” or “syndrome”. They continue to ignore and carry on the discussion. After a while when both have given ways to each other and let the agreement be reached, both of their symptoms disappear and both are not bother by all these. C clearly notices this entire scenario and yet C’s behavior is to treat A and B as normal person not as mental patients or person apparently have some forms of neurons problem.
顯然A君和B君捲曲的手指和怪異的行為看起來像是精神崩潰的病人,或至少有一些類似神經元有疾病的人。這兩個人士似乎都是缺乏能力去控制自己的手掌和手指,但他們兩人似乎都沒有對這種缺乏控制的“疾病”或“綜合症”現出恐慌。他們無視這怪異的行為並繼續進行討論。又過了一段時間時,,雙方讓予對方一些條件並達成協議之後,他們的怪異的症狀就消失了,雙方都沒有在意所有這些怪異的行為。 C君明確的注意到這整個情景,但C君的行為是把A君和B君當作是正常的人而不是精神病患者或是顯然有某種神經元的疾病。
What has caused A, B and C to behave likes the above situation? Apparently A and B can be classified as mental illness patients and C’s mentality is also in some sort of problem because he has no panic response to A and B behaviors. The funniest thing is all of them just ignore and treat each other as if each is a normal person!
是什麼原因使A君, B君和C君有上述情況的行為呢?顯然A君和B君可以被歸類為精神病患者而C君的心態也是有某種心理上的問題,因為他對A君和B君的行為並沒有恐慌的反應。最有趣的事情是;他們都對這怪異的情景置之不理,並彼此把對方當成是正常的人!
Why do they ignore each others’ acts? What cause them to understand or tell them the scenario described above is absolutely normal? Why all of them remain silent as if nothing happen? What make them to do so?
為什麼他們無視對方的行為?是什麼使他們理解或有誰告訴他們上面所述的情景是完全正常的? 為什麼他們都保持沉默就好像什麼事都沒有發生過?是什麼事情讓他們會有這樣的行為?
These questions open up a phenomenon that is so common among the human behaviors and yet so far no discussion or study of this phenomenon has been properly presented or systematical analyzed.
This phenomenon opens our door to the way of understanding the Pan-Maturing Process. We are now going into a proof of the existence of this process as well as search for the truth of this process and trying to visual out its secret and fundamental elements.
(At this moment I have no intention to link this phenomenon with any psychology study, or any scientific terms, which I will leave these links to another section and will discuss it in full length and depth. In this section the truth of existing and definition of this phenomenon, as phased by me as Pan-Maturing Process will be put into discussion and elaboration.)
(寫到這裡我不打算把這一泛成長現象與任何心理學研究或任何科學術語鏈接,我將把這些鏈接帶到另一節裡加以充分的討論。在本節中只是將這泛成長現象的存在和其定義付諸討論和闡述。 )
A stage of behavior which I describes above as these three persons are considered to be in a matured stage of their mental upgrading or what ever the jargons we can invent for this stage: A stage that these three persons have gone through a sequences of process that they become to possess strong mentalities to cope with and understand the awful acts just described, a stage that they can ignore the onset of the awful situation, a stage that they can percept or predict each other mind through the observation of each other awful act. Or put in a simple word they are seemed to be synchronized to each others.
正如我在上一段所描述的行為,以上這三位人士都可被認為是在一個精神心理不斷提升後而變得有更高層次的成熟,不管我們用什麼的術語或是自創的來形容這成熟階段:這三位人士似乎經歷了一序列的過程使他們擁有堅強的心理狀態去應付和理解剛才所描述的怪異行為。在這一個成熟的階段中他們都能不理睬(忽視)這怪異現象的發生。他們更能通過觀察對方怪異的行為進而感知或預測到對方的思考。用一個簡單的詞句來形容他們; 似乎他們都和對方互相有同步感應。
How did these three persons relate to the maturing stage described? How they are able to acquire the stage of matured? What make them synchronized to each others?
To answer these, let us go back to them:
A had a traumatized experience of depression, visited psychiatrist and at one time was on prescription medicine to help to overcome the depression.
B had no psychology disturbance background, and in B’s life every thing seems to work right to the desire of B. B is a satisfied and religious person.
B君沒有心理不平衡的背景,B君的生活似乎一路來都一帆風順。 B君是一位對生活滿意而又有宗教信仰的人。
C has a rather submissive character and seems no record of any depression and mental disorder. C is a very quiet person ever since the school time.
C君有相當順從的性格,似乎沒有任何抑鬱和精神紊亂的記錄。 C君從小就是一位非常安靜的學生。
Three different characters with totally different background of mentalities, have they gone through the same process defined as Pan Maturing Process? Will it be ridiculous? What puzzle is it? What actually is going on?
The synchronized mutual silent of understand and ignore behaviors in this familiar scenario may seem to conclude that all of them seem to be “well trained” to face the awful scenario without panic. (The behavior of these three persons’ interactions in such a synchronized way must have a common cause which we will later go on to explore in the title ‘How is the process’.)
在這熟悉的場景中同步互應的沉默及理解以及忽略各人的怪異行為,似乎能誏我們得出這樣的結論:他們三人似乎“訓練有素”的沒有露出恐慌去面對這些怪異的情景。 (這三位人士的相互同步感應的行為必定有一個共同的原因使他們會如此,我們稍後會在標題“是怎樣的一個過程”繼續探討。 )
Through a common unknown or till now undefined process; they all unpleasantly learn (whether spontaneous or gradually) how to respect and cope with a natural phenomenon which synchronized them to oppose their virtue, and yet have to live peacefully with this natural phenomenon some how to the extent they have to ignore the interference from it in order to have a normal life just like the scenario described above.
Pan-Maturing Process may be a common process that will happen to all human kind whether in the form of spontaneous or gradually condition. The final emergence of the process will be like all these individuals described above that they are mature enough to cope or co-exist with a natural synchronized environment.
Those readers who have the experience of this Pan-Maturing Process will very much agree with the scenario of the above description. However, those readers who have not experienced this Pan Maturing Process will not be convinced. And they cannot understand “the familiar scenario” described as above.
We now come to a segregation of experienced and inexperienced; the segregation into experienced and inexperienced of the Pan-Maturing Process seems to create a barrier for the inexperienced to understand the process. This creates a fear for those experienced person to tell the truth of the process (if they confess their experience they may be considered as mental disorder patients) and therefore causes difficulty in proofing the existence of this process.
現在,我們來到了一個區隔有經歷的人和沒有經歷的人的難題;泛成長過程分隔成有經歷和沒有經歷,似乎在創造一個障礙給予沒有經歷泛成長過程的人去了解有這麼一個過程。這就造成了一種恐懼使那些有經驗的人不敢講真的有這麼一個進程(如果他們承認自己的經歷,他們可能被視為精神障礙患者) ,因此要証實泛成長過程的存在是有一定的難度。

Limitation of Proof - The Segregation 實證的極限-區隔

Back to the familiar scenario inside the office room to see another feature of this Pan Maturing Process; the segregation.
讓我們回到辦公室內熟悉的情景去看看另一個泛成長過程的特點; 區隔。
Now, knocking at the door is another person D. Before D knocked on the door, the room is already in a sense filing up with curious atmosphere. Such atmosphere is expressed through A, B and C facials and body behaviors; they all seem to have slight sharpen face, squeezed nose and curled fingers, typical psychosis symptoms. While D enters the room such curious atmosphere immediately strengthens with more emphases on A, B and C psychosis symptoms. D also walk in with slight sharpen face, squeezed nose and curled finger….D comes in to hand over a bundle of document to A and then leave. A, B and C note the curious atmosphere and see how D behaved, but D has not noted any changes in atmosphere; all the sharpen face, squeezed nose and curl fingers to D is absolutely ignorance of what is going on! In another word D sees nothing happen, why he can not feels and sees what A, B and C do have?
現在,敲門要進入辦公室的是另一位人士;D君,在D君未敲門之前,辦公室裡早已經彌漫著奇特的氛圍。這種奇特的氛圍可通過A君, B君和C君的臉部表情和身體的姿態來表現; 他們似乎都呈現出輕微銳化的臉孔,夾緊的鼻子和捲曲的手指---典型的精神病症狀。當D君進入辦公室時這種怪異的氛圍立即加強,A君, B君和C君的精神病症狀變得更加巖重。 D君走進時也呈現出輕微銳化的臉孔,夾緊的鼻子和捲曲的手指......。 D君進來後把一捆文件交給A君,然後離開。 A君, B君和C君都感覺到這奇特的氛圍,也看到D君的怪異行為,但D君完全沒有注意到有任何氛圍變化; 所有尖銳的臉孔,夾緊的鼻子和捲曲的手指對D君來說他是完全沒法體會到有這樣一回事!換句話說D君根本看不到這奇特的氛圍,為什麼他不能感覺到和看到A君, B君和C君能感覺到和看到的怪異氛圍?
Again what is actually going on with this curious scenario? Why D has no awareness at all? In this typical scenario, B and C thought that D has long been gone through the Pan Maturing Process, where as A knew D has still not yet under go the process, as A in few occasions has tested D.
到底這怪異且熟悉的情景是怎麼一回事?為什麼D君完全沒有察覺出這個怪異的現象呢?在這種典型的情景裡, B君和C君認為D君一定早已經經歷了泛成長過程,但是A君知道D君至今尚未經歷該過程,因為A君測試了D君好幾次。
We are now reaching the most difficult area to prove the existing of Pan Maturing Process; the segregation. The segregation of experienced and inexperienced has impressive impacts on the searching of whether a Pan Maturing Process for human being social behaviors existed.
我們現在正進入一個要證明泛成長過程是否有存在的難關; 區隔。區隔有經歷的人和沒有經歷的人,對於搜查是否泛成長過程有在人類行為及社會中存在, 有著極其深刻的影響。
The experienced persons and inexperienced persons are all living in the same environment; the inexperienced persons behave like experienced persons without awareness of their own behavior are the same as those experienced individuals who have gone through the Pan Maturing Process.
有經驗的人和沒有經驗的人都生活在同一個環境; 沒有經驗的人表現得像有經驗的人一樣但同時又沒有意識到自己的行為是相同於那些有經歷過泛成長過程的人們。
This will put the collection of statistic data of Pan Maturing Process into much difficulty. This is because those who have experienced will likely tend to hide themselves by pretending as if they are the inexperienced. If they admitted they have gone through the Process then the terms mental disorder, mental patient and psychosis etc and all the unpleasant wording and descriptions will be flooded to them.
這將使收集泛成長過程的統計數據有著極大的困難。這是因為,那些有經驗的人可能會趨向於隱藏自己, 假裝好像他們也是沒有經驗的人。如果他們承認他們有經歷了泛成長過程, 那些術語, 措辭和描述如精神障礙,精神病患者和精神病等等將排山倒海的把他們淹沒。
Besides being discriminated, what if the experienced person tells an inexperience person that Pan Maturing Process existed; will the inexperienced individual believe him? Then we come to the question; how does the experienced person be able to justify the experiences he has experienced with his inexperienced peers alike?
除了受到歧視,如果有經驗的人告訴那些沒有經驗的人泛成長過程是有存在的; 沒有經驗的人將會相信他嗎?我們來到一個難題;有經驗的人如何向那些沒有經驗的同輩證實他的經歷呢?
To an inexperienced person, we are afraid we are unable to prove this process for him.
The Segregation is mean to create a barrier of understanding for the inexperienced and  create a fear for experienced to pretend as an inexperienced person. Hence enhances the Pan Maturing Process to a more impressive feeling of fear on the synchronized phenomenon and its traumatized effect, submissive effect as well as any further effects caused by this synchronized phenomenon relate to the Pan Maturing Process.
區隔的目的是旨在建立一個障礙; 使沒有經驗的人無法理解這一個過程,更創造一個恐懼的氛圍讓每一個有經驗的人都得裝作沒有經驗。因此,區隔增強了泛成長過程中令人印象深刻的恐懼感, 如同步現象及其創傷的影響,順從同步現象的影響以及任何和同步現象所造成的影響。
Due to the fact that we can not prove to the inexperience regarding the existence of Pan Maturing Process, we therefore have to limit our discussion with the experienced and be the first group of people to do so with acknowledges that such segregation is just a barrier to block the further discovering of truth. Whether this barrier is artificial or natural phenomenon is yet to be discovered.
由於我們不能向沒有經驗的人證明有關泛成長過程的存在,因此,我們只能限制我們自己和一批有經驗的人討論經驗這一過程, 並且是第一批人認知這種區隔只是為了阻止我們進一步發現事實。置於這是否是人為的障礙或是自然現像我們還須要再加以研究和揭露。
Further proof at this very moment will be rather difficult; for example exploiting the awareness of synchronized interaction between the experienced persons like A, B and C to prove these interaction existence, will face the random occurrences of the synchronized interactions, as these occurrences are very much occasional rather than consistently; not necessary it will interact when a gathering held at any time, it is rather difficult to predict the onset of this synchronized influence.
在目前這一個時刻要進一步證明有關泛成長過程的存在將是相當困難的; 例如利用A君; B君和C君同步感應來証實熟悉的情景的存在, 將面臨隨機出現的同步感應,因為這些同步感應是非常偶發的並且沒有一貫性, 不是每一次的集會都會有同步感應,因此很難預測的到幾時有同步感應的影響。
Only those experienced persons can sense the onset without much difficulty. The proofs are merely depending on the honesty of these experienced persons, if they refuse to tell the truth, due to the fear on the traumatized effect of synchronized phenomenon, then the statistic of proof will be very much distorted.

Ease of Proof - Internet Technology 輕而易舉的舉證 - 互聯網技術

The segregation into experienced and inexperienced of the Pan-Maturing Process seems to create a barrier for the inexperienced to understand the process. This creates a fear for those experienced person to tell the truth of the process (if they confess their experience they may be considered as mental disorder patients) and therefore causes difficulty in proofing the existence of this process.
區隔有經歷的人和沒有經歷的人的目的是旨在建立一個障礙;使沒有經驗的人無法理解這一個過程。更創造一個恐懼的氛圍讓每一個有經驗的人不敢把泛成長過程的事實講出(如果他們承認自己的經歷,他們可能被視為精神障礙患者) ,因此要證明泛成長過程的存在有著極大的困難。
However, with the present worldwide internet linking, it is now possible to use the internet to do a worldwide survey. Due to the nature of internet the individuals can stand up and tell the truth anonymously and prove the existence of this synchronized process.
The way to do the proof will be to set up Questionnaires in an internet website and circulate to those who are willing to be surveyed.
The questionnaires have to be set in such a way as not to be confused with clinical classification of mental disorder like ICD and DSM. Therefore a team of medical experts is needed to discuss and identify the scope of the questionnaires.
While ICD and DSM are more on the causes and symptoms classification, the Pan Maturing Survey will be more on the Sequences of the process: for example the first two most basis “learning” sequences are the learning of being mute (not to tell what is going on) and learning to ignore the unnecessary synchronizations. Then continue the setting of questionnaires on so forth sequences and sub sequences.
Further questionnaires can be designed to determine whether the Pan Maturing Process exists naturally or it is being artificially induced.
Once the questionnaires have been distributed and answered, the proof of the Pan Maturing Process will be done. The collection of these data will be used to start a detail study of the phenomena of Pan-Maturing Process.
There may be three possibilities from the internet survey:
1. The Process is proved to be a natural phenomenon then there will be a wide scope of research from various institutes to study the physiology and natural cause of the process. Hence a better understand of this process means a better world for us.
(一) 這一過程被證明是一種自然現象,那麼就會有一些研究所展開廣泛的研究,以窺探其生理狀態和自然成因,更好地了解這個過程對我們來說將會有一個更美好的世界(明天)。
2. The Process is proved to be artificially induced, then search have to be done and facts have to be present to stop or reform this inhumane way of manipulation. Overall we have the right to know the truth.
(二) 這一過程被證明是人為引起的,那麼我們必需搜索更多的實證來改革或停止這種不人道的操縱方式。整體而言,我們有權利知道真相。
3. The Process is proved to be a natural phenomenon but it is being hijacked for manipulation; again we have the right to know the truth of both situations.
(三) 這一進程被證明是一種自然現象,但是它被劫持的操縱; 再次的我們有權利知道這兩種情況的真相。

How is the Process?-The Sequences 是怎樣的一個過程?

The Sequence of Pan-Maturing Process will induce person undergoing the process to the realization of being controlled, and learning the basic techniques to cope with the synchronized environment.
This Pan-Maturing process can be divided into several sequences and subsequences.
The beginning and most basis of the sequence is the Learning sequence follows by: Submissive sequence, Justification sequence and finally Coexisting sequence.
The sub-subsequences of the Learning sequence are:
Muting sub-sequence: Learn not to tell others of the synchronized situation.
Ignoring sub-sequence: Learn to ignore the unnecessary synchronization.
Selecting sub-sequence: Learn to pick up the fit synchronization for own ultimate aim.
The sub-subsequences of the Submissive sequence are:
Believing sub-sequence: Believe in being controlled by certain force.
Distinction sub-sequence: Search to identify the force: divine force like various religions or scientifically explanation.
Definite sub-sequence: Once the identification has been made then has strong faith in the chosen form of power.
The sub-subsequences of the Justification sequence are:
Utilization sub-sequence: Trying to get own believed power to assist own aim.
Confusing sub-sequence: Due to not able to achieve own aim smoothly start to confuse on the chosen synchronization.
Justified sub-sequence: Through the confusion learn to acquire self justification on the fit synchronization and pursuing (or worship) the believed power to guard him toward the success.
證實亞序列:通過對混淆的懷疑最終自我學會辨析合適的同步感應, 同時追求(或崇拜)自己相信的力量來引導自己朝著成功前進。
The sub-subsequences of the Co-existing sequence are:
Peaceful sub-subsequence: Using the chosen faith to peace own mind.
Avoiding sub-sequence: Avoiding and totally ignoring the synchronization.
Fitful sub-sequence: In great difficulty tend to go back to the Justification sequence.
After all the sequences and their sub-sequences the undergoing person is in the Mature Phase and he finally learnt to co-exist with the synchronized environment peacefully.